The idea of opening a School of Event Productions came to Alex Bokov without any forewarning- it just appeared to him. «Inventor» - is one of the many appellations which have been given to Alex Bokov, the man- a generator of ideas, who keeps abreast of the times, and is often even ahead of his time.

So, in 2007, Alex Bokov and Elena Lidovskaya decided to launch a school which in the future could become the leading Center for people wanting to obtain an education and experience in production.

Soon everything that was needed for training and operation was ready, and in September of the same year, the doors of the Event Production studio opened up. For the first time in the guru's history, the masters, such as Artur Djanibekyan (Comedy Club), Aidan Salakhova, Pavel Kaplevich, vadim Goryainov, Igor Lutz (BBDO), Tatyana Kurbatskaya, Natalya Sindeeva, Felix Mikhailov, Natalya Gandurina, Vyacheslav Murugov (SТS), Yulia Ishkenova, Roman Karpov, Sinisha Lazarevich, Svetlana Meschaninova, Olga Sviblova, Nikolai Uskov, in the lead of Alex Bokov and Alexander Povarov came together to share their richest experiences with the first audience of the School. Later, these experts were joined by Yana Rudkovskaya, Eva Stromilova (Bazelevs production), Alexander Tsekalo, Ella Stuart (BBDO), Amdrey Fomin and others.

By the beginning of 2008, the School and its staff celebrated their first graduation, and in March the second group was already enrolled. The launch of the Distant Learning Center and the announcement of the "Alex Bokov Scholarship" contest which entitles the winner to a free education at the School, all happened in the same year.

For a short period of its existence, the School developed as quickly as its students. At the end of 2008 the third group was enrolled, and its students were given an opportunity to try themselves in action- they all got to participate in the whole process of the organization of "the edge" exhibition. The fourth and fifth groups were formed in 2009 and were taught by Tina Kandelaki, Maria Baibakova, Hihus and many others. The end of 2009 was the time to summarize the brief, yet very fruitful period, and the first graduate reunion took place.

So what do they teach at Bokov's School? First of all, master classes and practical lessons, during which the students demonstrate their knowledge of the tools of production and techniques. These are the invaluable lessons which every School graduate leaves with. However, before earning that title, each student has to defend their diploma project. It is a dream of every "Bokovite" to make it showy and unforgettable. A multitude of tutorials and consultations precede the final diploma. This is the most challenging part of the whole education process, and only those who are talented, very patient and have the fortitude to not only defend their project, but also make it of high quality and standard, can pass it. And only they will earn the honor to call themselves qualified producers. Although, it is told to everyone there that having a document doesn't make one a producer, it is about experience and luck. But, being admitted to the School and undergoing its program is a fortune already.

Seven groups have graduated since the launch of the School. The "Bokovites" are already successfully working in different cultural projects and events. Maybe, soon you will become a student of the Event Production School and then, you will have to answer two main questions: «What should I do?» and, most importantly, «How?»