Enrollment takes place twice a year

Resident learning

Fall: enrollment will be from June 10 until September 10. The study period is from September 20 until December 20.  Classes will be held in the evenings on weekdays from 7pm until 10 pm, five days a week.

Spring: enrollment will be from December 10 until  February 25. The study period is from March 5 until June 20. Classes will be held in the evenings from 7 pm until 10 pm, four times a week.

Distant learning

Study periods: September through June, or March through December


(66 academic hours)

Alex Bokov: «Production as an event »


Igor Lutz: «Production in advertisement and brand promotion»

Pavel Kaplevich: «Production of theatrical projects »

Anatoly Lyapidevskiy: «Club and restaurant promotion »

Tatyana Kurbatskaya: «Production in the restaurant business » 

Vadim Goryainov: «Production of cinema projects »

Natalya Sindeeva: «Production – from radio to  television (using examples of «Serebryaniy Dozhd » radio station and «Dozhd» TV channel)»

Vyacheslav Murugov: «Strategy and tactics of television channel production »

Artur Djanibekyan: «Comedy Production»

Maria Baibakova: «Modern Art»

Yana Rudkovskaya: «Production in show biz »

Yurate Gurauskaite: «Magazine and printing sources production »

Hihus: «Comics festival production»

Andrei Fomin: «Linear event production »

Eva Stromilova: «Production of cinema projects »

Alexander Tsekalo: «Production of television projects »

Ovanes Pogosyan: «Production of Internet Projects »

Kirill Serebrennikov: «Stage direction and production of theatrical projects »

Alexey Kazakov: «Production in media space»

Darya Pukhaeva: «Publishing production in a glossy magazine »

Sofya Trotsenko: «Vinzavod: Art- territory »




(12 academichours)

Alexander Povarov: «Event organization: production part»

Elena Lidovskaya: «Event organization: creative part»


(21 academic hours)

Maxim Byvshev: «Marketing communications »

Alisa Tolkacheva: «The language of Colour »

Roman Karpov: «Economics and Production»

Olga Vasil’eva: «Communication skills of a producer »

Anna Balandina: «Forecasting trends »

Ella Stuart: «Emotional Management »

Alexander Bichin: «Visual component of an image »

Mikhail Greenfeld: «The Art of Negotiating»


«Roundtables»: PRODUCTION LAB

Led by Alex Bokov


Special guests: Andrey Kolesnikov, Sergey Kalvarskiy and Yana Lebedeva.

Lab classes - 44 academic hours

Individual consultations on course projects

Thesis defence