Natalia Sindeeva
Natalia Sindeeva
Publisher, founder of the TV company “Dozhd’ (“Rain”). Optimistic Channel” and co-owner of the radio station “Serebryannyi dozhd’” (“Silver Rain”)

Natalia was born in Michurinsk town of Tambov province. She graduated from the Pedagogical Institute, specialization in elementary grade and mathematics teacher.  

She has been in the media industry since 1993, first as a producer of the “A thousand and one night” show (2х2 TV channel). In 1995 she rose to the position of the general producer of the radio station “Serebryannyi dozhd’” where she also worked as its commercial director from 2002 to 2009. She is a founder of annual ceremonies of the radio station – “Silver rubbers” and “Silver bullions”. Natalia is a prize-winner of the “Media manager of Russia 2004” award in the “Radio” nomination. She is a co-owner of electronic resource Slon.ru.

She has knowledge and she shares it at the master-classes on radio and TV producing. But her most important achievement is the foundation and launch of a new format TV “Dozhd’. OptimisticChannel”. The “Dozhd’” channel arrests attention of people who usually do not watch TV and it gives them a wide news picture covering economy, business, culture.


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