Yana Rudkovskaya
Yana Rudkovskaya
music producer, entrepreneur, TV anchorwoman

Yana Rudkovskaya’s tertiary education is not linked with the show business. Yana graduated from the Medical University in Barnaul, where she specialised in cosmetology. Having graduated from the University in 1998 she launched her own business and became an owner of the “French Beauty Studio” network of salons. Since 2001 she has been the owner of the “Franck Provost” brand. In2003 Yanaestablishedthe “GrandLaScalaFashionGroup”. Her beauty salons and boutiques are mainly located in Sochi and Moscow.

Since 2005 Yana Rudkovskaya has been involved in show business. She first became the producer of Dima Bilan. In collaboration with Yana Rudkovskaya Dima Bilan won the second place in Eurovision 2006, he won “The best artist (variety actor)” and “The best composition” awards of the Russian Music Awards 2006, he won prizes of the European Music Awards and World Music Awards, he is a record holder of the biggest number of RMA awards, and, finally, he is the winner of Eurovision 2008.

Producer Yana Rudkovskaya also produces music projects – she runs the TV show “STS ignites a super star”. She also is a founder of the TV project “Naked Show-biz”.

As the best producer of 2008 Yana was given the “Golden audio track” award. The same year she won the “Golden heel” and the “Diamond hairpin” awards. Earlier the Fashion” magazine named her the most successful woman of Russia’s fashion industry.


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